Prophetic Evangelism

Well simply state a jam-packed café is the ocean. You glance around and over the essences of the individuals in the room and if the Lord needs you to serve one will stick out. The most ideal way I can clarify it is that you have to turn away from the one that you believe is sticking out and check out the room once more. At the point when you return to take a gander at the individual again and they are as yet standing apart you can simply take a gander at them for some time.

At that point comes the time where you go to the commander. At the point when I see an individual in a jam-packed spot and they stick out, I will ask the Lord does He need me to converse with them. He will typically answer with a truly, or to some The Spirit will give you such a reverberation in your soul. At that point it’s simply an issue of looking out for the Lord for the message, which doesn’t take long. When the Lord gives you the message, that is regularly enough affirmation so as to continue.

Presently I don’t think about your city or where you live, yet in Sydney where I live you are basically viewed as unusual on the off chance that you approach all out outsiders in the city. Thus, regardless of how long you are getting along this, there can generally be some measure of fear. Once I was sitting at Mc Donald’s and tasting on a truly enormous coke, and I looked across and saw an outrageously appealing little youngster around 22 years of age. I took a gander at her and afterward turned away and by and by my eyes went to her. For a solitary person this can be hard to observe. Does this young lady appear to be standing apart to me since she is so appealing or would she say she is shining on the grounds that the Lord needs me to address her?

Well it just takes an inquiry to the Lord to discover. Indeed on this event the Lord needed me to address her. You’d feel that would be simple for me to move toward a little youngster that any person might want to visit to, yet the inverse happened. I was 38 thus fairly more established then her, and there was another young lady sitting right close to her. Abruptly I was too frightened to even think about approaching her. I was stressed what she may consider me moving toward her, in light of the fact that a great deal of the time a solitary young lady will expect you are coming to talk her up, and besides I didn’t need the young lady close to her tuning in and watching me be humiliated.

I advised the Lord I wasn’t going to move toward her. This was a first for me. I had reliably conveyed many messages to individuals up till this point. The Lord Jesus approached me what was my explanation behind not consenting to move toward her.

“She’s too pretty Lord,” I said.

“So on the off chance that she wasn’t pretty you’d approach her for me. But since she is so beautiful you can’t move toward her for me?”

“Truly it’s hard to believe, but it’s true!” There was additionally the way that I would not like to glance an idiot before the young lady that was sitting close to her, however when you are rationalizing why you are ignoring the main of the Lord, you don’t joyfully prefer to make too much Request Prophetic Word

“Will you at any rate tune in to what I need you to state to her?” the Lord Jesus inquired.

“Indeed, alright”

“Disclose to her that I have been tuning in to her petitions and that I realize that she feels that I am not hearing her supplications. Mention to her that what she is petitioning God for isn’t what I need for her life and that despite the fact that that may appear to be brutal I have something better for her later on that is significantly better then what she is requesting. Reveal to her I love her and disclose to her that she is satisfying me in the manner she is directing her Christian walk and to have confidence and trust me that I recognize what I am doing.”

So as should be obvious before the finish of that I realized that the young lady was a Christian. At the point when I thought about the prophetic word and whether I would acknowledge somebody offering it to me I needed to concede in the event that I was appealing to God for something truly dear to my heart and not seeing any improvement I might want to hear the awful news rather then proceeding to supplicate a petition that wasn’t in accordance with God’s will.

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