Prophecy and the American Economy

As I sat one daytime considering a prophetic message I got more than thirty years prior about the American economy I thought about whether it would even be justified, despite all the trouble to expound on it yet by and by. I have clarified it on many occasions throughout the years and a portion of those years was during the Reaganomics blast times in which nobody Request Personal Prophecy Online including me could perceive how it had any noteworthiness whatsoever. I put aside the inquiry and examined through the pile of messages I get day by day and there found an enthusiastic solicitation from a peruser for me to clarify further on what God had identified with me about America’s economy. That email was the clincher.

After my change to Christianity right around 40 years prior I began to have many dream dreams. Everyone needed to do to a great extent with my own life or the lives of people around me. In the middle of those fantasies came bigger all the more upsetting pictures of occasions that would influence our country and the whole world. I have never questioned the more all-inclusive dreams chiefly because the individual dreams were rarely off-base. Not once in every one of these years has one prophetic dream at any point been off-base.

The absolute first prophetic dream I had come in quite a while all around the same time. It was God’s method for giving me that he both could and would address me about what’s to come. That night I got up multiple times with three separate dreams. The first and second were straightforward because they were unmistakably things that had recently occurred and that were by and by happening separately. The third dream was obscure.

I considered the third nebulous vision lastly in distress I chose to surrender and return to rest. First I said a little supplication where I inquired as to whether he could enable me to comprehend what such a lot of dreaming was about. At the point when my head hit the pad, it hit me, I saw the past than the present so the third dream must be what’s to come. I felt a quick feeling of harmony however that was just the start. After eight days the fantasy occurred in everything about the letter.

After that, I just required one dream to see the future, not three. With some uncommon special cases, I generally observed occasions precisely as they occurred; no translation required. Like a full shading, sneak peek it is constantly a “what you see is the thing that you get” disclosure and never a “what in the world does that signify” sort of thing.

As the fantasies expanded I got myself un-nerved because I could locate nobody in my congregation or somewhere else who had any encounters like mine. It drove me to address God. I begged him to show me some way or another why I had this intense capacity to see the future as plainly as certain men see the past. I found no reassurance until God directed me toward a particular sacred text entry that set out to settle the inquiry. In Number 12:6 the Bible says “And he stated, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make myself known unto him in a dream, and will talk unto him in a fantasy.”

So far it has been for the most part dreams that show me the future with a couple of special cases. Those exemptions were the four or multiple times I heard God communicate in a perceptible language, in English and that also accompanied the first-time affirmation so I wouldn’t question.

In the wake of asking my self to rest one evening entreating God to hear me about my need to look for some kind of employment, I nodded off nearly guaranteed that I would have a directing dream vision that would take care of my concern. I was a diligent employee and I would have rather not be jobless in any event, for a brief period when I was youthful. In any case, I arose in frustration realizing I had not seen a thing in the night.

I sat up in bed and began to feel my heart sink a piece when I detected a nearness in life with me. At that point, I heard a voice talk three separate occasions gradually, compactly and intentionally. First were the words “Michael you are dearest of God.” After a respite, those words were trailed by “Every one of your supplications have been heard.” Finally, after another delay, I heard a single word message that I had no chance to get of comprehension. It was the single word, “Weiss.”

The word Weiss had no importance to me by any stretch of the imagination, I knew nobody by that name and on the off chance that it implied something different I didn’t know about it. I discreetly dressed and went to the city to look for work. Inside an hour I discovered somebody who consented to contract me and I was to begin the next day. I brightly left my new boss’ place of business expressing gratitude toward God. Mostly down the square, I recollected that I didn’t have the foggiest idea about my new boss’s name. I returned to put my head in the entryway and said “I’m unfortunately I didn’t ask you your name. His answer was “my name is Julius Weiss.”

After that simply like the underlying initial three prophetic dreams I just required one voice or message, not three. As of not long ago, I have heard such voices not exactly a bunch of times however I have learned not to question. I have consistently been grateful that I don’t hear such messages more than I do because it is hard enough attempting to pass on to others the messages or the couple of disclosures I had. Right now who hear voices are normally thought to be sequential executioners, quacks and self delegated diviners with questionable intentions.

The two most impressive compunctions that accompany prophetic articulation are first that you would prefer not to mention to anybody what you have seen or heard. The second is that you realize you should mention to everybody what you have seen and heard!

In the mid-seventies, I heard a four-section message that at the time appeared to be unthinkable. It was before the financial blast of the eighties when home estimations were soaring and the securities exchange was coming to the stars. The message was in English and said “Michael you are a prophet” at that point came the words “you will address the American individuals,” trailed by “This is the message you will speak, Ov, Ov Penury,” the last word was “relatively few will come out.”

The entirety of my thoughts of turning into an unassuming educator in the state-funded schools went south alongside my optional expectation that I should turn into a gospel preacher in some remote land. The message looks bad to me not just because America wasn’t encountering deficiencies of nearly anything besides additionally because I hadn’t a piece of information what “Ov” implied. The word penury wasn’t even in my jargon and I needed to find it.

I at last found that Ov is an early English compression for “overmuch” which all the more generally signifies “a great deal of.” The word penury implies, a condition of outrageous destitution or shortage. America, in a condition of extraordinary destitution and shortage! Have a go at advising that to the American dream swarm beating endlessly at the house in the suburbs with two vehicles, solid school assets for the 3.5 children, great annuity plans and achievement invocations or business.

I took some reassurance in the way that precisely the same message was given to Pastor David Wilkerson of New York City’s “Times Square Church.” David Wilkerson turned into a commonly recognized name in the sixties when a mind-blowing tale was depicted in the film “The Cross and the Switchblade.” Actor and vocalist Pat Boone filled the role of Wilkerson in the film. Not long after the film was created Wilkerson distributed a book called “The Vision.” In The Vision Wilkerson nitty-gritty the astonishing occasions that God uncovered to him after he fasted and went into a long supplication vigil.

From that point to now every component of the disclosure given to Wilkerson has just occurred except for one. That piece of his vision appears to have been postponed as of not long ago simply like my own. He saw a financial exchange jump and other monetary debacles that would leave the nation reeling. Like Wilkerson I was early however, at any rate, I wasn’t the only one!

So what does everything mean? Recall WYSIWYG that would be the short form. The point by point variant is this. The world’s most prominent “super force” is in for an enlivening. It is relevant that decisions, rebukes, and revisions should come to America through monetary hardships yet why. Set forth plainly it is the main language we never misjudge. The American dream comprises all that we hold dear, the home, the vehicles, a lot of everything and distant security. You can discuss the danger of fear mongers or the unstable circumstance preparing in the Middle East however our financial hardships areas near and dear as it gets.

My perspective on what God has let me know has been shaded, strengthened and given more points of interest by a cautious correlation of our history, other scriptural predictions and the generally good condition of the country in recent years. My view is that we will experience an extending of the financial emergency until the lightening is overwhelmed. What lighten you state?

Nearly everything that we underestimate will never again be allowed. Occupations will break down by the many thousands; products will be more diligently to discover including common nourishment supplies. Grain won’t be utilized for fuel since it will be excessively valuable. Banks will close, fortunes will be lost and the valuable metals bought for reinforcement will be pointless. The line from an old Christian melody says all that needs to be said, “A bit of bread would purchase a sack of gold.” Pension subsidizes will crumple or be redirected and protections and bonds will decrease quickly in esteem. Stocks will dive from blue chips to tech stocks. The word endurance will by and by replacing achievement and wealth as watchwords in our regular discussions as they did during the extraordinary sorrow.

The message was appendaged with the words “relatively few will come out.” I have never questioned what that implies. The advanced defector church and the world everywhere won’t scurry to regard this notice. Human instinct is old however little has changed in it. As in the old present reality, people will comfortable up to the voices that guarantee incredible things to accompany no drawback joined. Old prophets consistently gave their messages to go-to people to leaving God not to accumulate disciples to their doorstep. Today it is conceivable to lecture the good news of salvation of the heavenly pumpkin pie if you have an adequate marketing expert and access to some significant TV time. For that “, they will come out,” not God’s words however mine. In any case, don’t stress there will consistently be “Philadelphian” type places of worship all through America until the end. (Fire up. 3

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